Values Based Success – Why Is That Important?

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Values Based Success is about creating change in your life based on the Values that are important to you. Your Values are the foundation of the results that you get in life, so you need to choose Values which are truly important to you, not others. You need to craft a plan that supports those Values.

So why is that significant?

If our Values are the basis of our results it would seem that we always get what we Value in life. That is sort of true. We get results that spring up from the things we Value right now. What I mean is that there’s a hierarchy of Values which most of us have. Some are more important than others. In an ideal world, we would not violate higher Values for lesser Values. Generally that’s true. From time to time, we’re selfish and violate Values for selfish reasons or out of emotional outbursts. In that instant we Value our authentic Values less than being greedy or being emotional. We get results from those temporary changes in what’s most important to us, even if we know it’s not what we finally truly Value.

Values Based Success is about keeping us aware of our Values and living the life that results from these Values. We must know what the Values are though. We must know what kind of life those Values lead to (Vision) and the way we would like to get there (Mission). From there we create the Roadmap that gets us into our Vision. That’s our Goals and Action Plans.

All Success and all failure stems from how tightly we align ourselves and our activities with our Values. Examine anyone who’s succeeded or failed spectacularly. Successes are totally and radically aligned with their Values. Their Values drive them. Failures might know their Values although not likely. Or they allow other people’s Values be their foundation. Or they choose negative Values over favorable Values. Failures don’t align their own lives and plans with positive Values that they have. Failures often wander without direction exactly because they do not know and understand their Values.

You might ask, what about people who seem to achieve Success, but are ruthless, negative, damaging folks? Amazing question.

I believe true Success is unique to the individual and based on positive Values, not negative ones. Negative Values are often ones who have an implied phrase at the end,”at any price.” By way of instance, wealth (at any cost) or attaining a certain standard of living (at any cost) or controlling a field or market (at any cost). These Values are perverted versions of positive Values.

Any Value which can be expressed in a selfish way or without regard to the harm done to other people is a negative Value. We see these at work in all walks of life from personal relationships to professional to the political. We see it at the attitudes that reveal how some people today believe they’re inherently better than others. We see it in attitudes that show how some folks take offense at anything however small and are quick to anger and judgement.

Success based on optimistic Values by default will respect others, pursue results that don’t violate your other Values or violate the rights and dignity of other people. It does not mean we can’t desire to be rich or have a excellent lifestyle. The question is what do you need to do get there? How does that fit in with all the things and ideals that are important to you? How can you serve your loved ones, community, colleagues, customers or employees to get there?

That’s what Values Based Success will help you find out. That is what it keeps you striving for, to be a positive effect in your life, your family’s, you community and in the lives of everyone you meet.

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